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Finance 101

Basically financial worries for all students begin when they are at the age of 22. In case you are working part time and are also a student, you can start a healthy practice of saving and wise spending in order to avoid making mistakes in the future. First, you need to have a plan. Not having a plan is still a plan but a very bad one at it. If you do not have a step by step game plan on how to spend your money, you will least likely get what you want. You also need to understand your financial landscape. This is a procedure involving simple steps like knowing the amount of cash that you take home, know where you spend your money and also get additional information from an expert. In order to have all the help you need with spending your money, you also need to stop being scared of asking the key questions of the things you need to know. This will help you figure out how to make smart decisions. Good spending requires one to come up with a good budget that covers all your cash to the last coin. A budget will help you cut costs where necessary and also avoid overspending. Strict discipline is also required in order to follow your budget. Prioritize your debt and make an inclusion of t in your budget. Remember that in as much as you waste your student loan you will eventually have to pay it, interest inclusive. Finally talk to a financial expert in your school who will help you make wise spending... read more

How to Earn an ‘A’ Grade from Your Essay

Essays are more common to students who take languages as majors in college. However, most of the time students have to endure chunks of frustration as a result of spending hours on end writing essays only to end up with mediocre marks which really do not reflect the amounts of hours spent on research. However, failure to score an A grade in just one essay means that there is more room for improvement which can be achieved through observation, exposure and practice. The real reason why most essays fail to score A’s is because the thesis is yet to be perfected. The thesis is the crux of the whole essay and regardless how many students complain of their inability to come up with outstanding thesis statements, yours just has to be perfect if you want that A grade. A thesis presents your argument and shows how you are going to prove it. As a result it should be clear to the point that you want to drive home. To make your essay perfect, you have to read through it more closely enough. Ensure that you dissect sentences and clauses to remove any kinds of contradictions and counter arguments. Moreover, do not digress too much from the point as you will lose the audience along the way. You have to realize that your intended audience is your teacher who knows everything about the content, so do not waste their time revolving around the main plot. Follow the clear directions on how to format your essay and how to turn it in for marking. This will give your assessor an easier... read more

Knowing the Type of Learner you are

Over the years research has proven that the individual study habits and not just intelligence plays a big role in the ability of the learner to comprehend. As a result it is important to understand which learning style best suits you. The major learning styles are auditory, visual and kinesthetic. Most people work best under a combination of all the three styles, but however people are different. Auditory learners learn best by listening rather than reading. The characteristics of auditory learners are being able to recite what they heard, ability to give oral presentations and are easily distracted by noise while reading. Auditory learners can recall about 75% of what they heard during a lecture but they may struggle with reading passages and writing answers from timed exams. For such learners, they must recite information out loud, avoid noisy study space as this may distract them, and participate in group discussions and asking questions. Visual learners recall information best when it is presented to them in visual means. Characteristics of such learners are they are fast talkers, they need silent study spaces, they take detailed notes and they learn by seeing. Such learners need to sit at the front of the class, watch videos or tutorials to grab concepts, copy what they see on the board, use flashcards and highlight important notes. Kinesthetic learners are hands-on people and they best process information when they are putting it to practice. These learners learn by solving real life problems, like to have a hands-on approach, they fidget when they sit for too long and they suffer from short attention spans. Kinesthetic... read more

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